1. What are Generic Medicines?

A generic Medicine is a drug that contains a similar chemical substance as a Medicine that was initially ensured by licenses. generic Medicine are allowed deal after the licenses on the Medicine expire. Since the dynamic chemical substance is the equivalent, the clinical profile of generics is accepted to be equivalent in performance. A generic Medicine has a similar dynamic Medicine fixing (API) as the first.

2. Are the medicines Prescribed by doctors are Generic medicines?

In India 80-85% of prescribed medicines are Generics. However due to immense marketing by the pharma companies, the price benefit does not reach the patients and even the generic medicines are costing much higher.

3. All medicines fall in Generic’s?

Truly, Majority of the medicines falls into generic category in India. To be honest, India is the world's largest supplier of generic medicines.

4. Is it Necessary to show it to Doctor?

You should refer to doctor before consuming any medicines. GENMED® Advice patients to refer the medicines to doctors before consumption.

5. Why you should buy from GENMED SHOPPES PVT LTD® Outlets?

The team at GENMED® works Aggressively towards making the largest portfolio of quality generic and branded medicines available at its outlets, at prices we are up to 80% lower than their branded counterparts in Generic Medicines. GENMED® want’s Every Indian should get Quality medicines with Affordability.

Why Us?

Genmed has been the most trusted name in generic medicines in India. Due to the cost-effectiveness of our medicines we have customers all across the board from Government Hospitals to Private Hospitals and From Government Doctors to Private Doctors.

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