Generic medicines to specific medicines | Their Benefit ?

Generic Medicines and their benefits

Generic medicines are the ones that are easily available and are very much similar to the medicines sold by branded pharmaceutical companies. It would be unwise to take medicines without consulting a medical practitioner. Generic medicines are normally available as an easy option for the specific medicines that are unavailable.

Generic medicines are pretty much similar to specific medicines. They have the same pharmaceutical active ingredients that are responsible for curing any ailment. However, from an economic perspective, generic medicines become important.

Let us look at some of the benefits of Generic medicines:

As effective as the specific ones : You don’t need to worry regarding the effect generic medicines have as compared to the specific ones. A generic medicine is made with the same medicinal ingredients and in the same amount. The same effect will take place in the body as the specific medicines do.

Patients can save money : According to the FDA, there is a difference of around 85% in the price of generic medicines. How? The other inactive elements need not be the same as branded medicines. The bio equivalent generic replacement enables us to cut the costs hugely.

Stay on the medical course : There are higher chances that the medicines in the prescription might cause a hole in the pocket – not to mention that at times the specific medicines are not available. Since the components and quantity are the same, patients need not worry about straying from the course that has been prescribed.

Since all generic medicines come under the government regulatory policies, these are a better option to the costly specific medicines.