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Who is Genmed Shoppes ?

History About

Genmed has been the most trusted name in generic medicines in India. Due to the cost-effectiveness of our medicines we have customers all across the board from Government Hospitals to Private Hospitals and From Government Doctors to Private Doctors.

Genmed Shoppes Pvt Ltd - A revolutionary pharmaceutical marketing enterprise in India that is continuously endeavouring towards finding novel ways of utilizing technology and research to develop high quality and affordable medicines for one and all. At, Genmed we aspire to help people where they can live life with the greatest potential to see more clearly, move more freely and express themselves fully. Genmed Shoppes Pvt Ltd is a market-driven Generic pharmaceutical marketing company headquartered at Surat, Gujarat, India having inexhaustible experience in the Pharmaceutical Industry of more than two and a half decades and having India’s largest Branded Generic Medicine retail store chain. Since our foray in the industry, we have come a long way in achieving our goals for a better and healthy life by way of innovation, value for money proposition, customer-centric policies, and crafting confidence in our loyal customers. Genmed is a significant player in every vertical of the generic pharmaceutical industry where we offer more than 6500 products through our unique and exemplary marketing platforms. All the products are been sourced from deep-rooted and world-class manufacturers from across the country. We have our team of marketing professionals who are working relentlessly on the ground level and are in regular touch of the market which enables us to offer the right medicine for the patient at the right time. Generic drugs are identical to a brand name drugs in safety, strength, and quality that comes at a very reasonable cost. Genmed with its prolific business strategy is offering up to 80 % discount on all its products viz. Generic medicines, OTC, Cosmetics, Ayurvedic and Surgical products. “Pledge to strengthening yourself such that the lord almighty bows to your will” such is the resolve of our founders that they are persistently working for the furtherance of humankind.

VISION / GOALS TO ACHIEVE : To become the preferred store for health & Wellness across India by creating a network of 1000 store & Online Channels by 2023.

GENMED envisions a future that is consistently progressing, evolving and upgrading with better healthcare solutions and expanding portfolio.

It strongly believes that dreaming only accounts if you have the courage and passion to convert them into real actionable plans. One must dare to seek brilliance and to revolutionize. The path of success is achieved through visualization, stratification, and implementation which make the corporation great. The vision of Genmed is to reach to the maximum customers who are living on the fringes of the society world over with affordable treatments and medicines by establishing a network of 1000 stores and online channels by 2023 and that stands for Genmed’s ideology which consists of Empathy, Humility, and Affordability. As a testimony of the dedication, team Genmed has received a special recognition certificate and an award from the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion, Central Government of India which is energizing our determination.

MISSION / OUR PURPOSE : To be a Catalyst in Bridging the gap of Health, Employment & Women Empowerment.

What started as two men’s journey and their belief in the virtue of their cause has paved the path for Genmed to become an exceptional performer in the pharmaceutical industry. Founders Mr. Praful Dhorajiya and Mr. Denish Dhorajiya had a dream of creating a world where every person in need of medicine should get high-quality medicine at an affordable price. With medical treatment becoming so very expensive they have a mission to see a world where each human being is living a healthy life, not a single patient is deprived of medical treatment and thus saw a dream of putting a smile on their faces. The founding mission and philosophy of Genmed Shoppes Pvt Ltd has been and always will be Excellence, Affordability, Belief, Authenticity, Reliability, and Cost-effectiveness.

  • Innovation
  • Value For Money
  • Customer Focus
  • Trust

At Genmed Shoppes Pvt Ltd, our core values and ethics are the backbones of our organization and that is the cornerstone of “Gen-ology” our ethical existence. Gen-ology has helped us reach a position as one of the most trusted providers of health care products in the market. In this way, we have achieved our goal of improving people’s lives by honouring our core values.

Genmed believes in a saying “under promise and over deliver” and that has been in the work ethics of the company since its inception. These principles have made our work speak for us and this has been the result of our teamwork where we deliberate “WE” before “ME”, which makes Genmed’s every move a winning one.


With an exemplary experience of more than 26 years in the pharmaceutical distribution industry, the founders have created a quality-driven and customer-centric infrastructure of the Online – Offline distribution network. The company operates on a franchise-based business model and as of January 2020, within 3 years Genmed has added 75+ franchise stores in its list across different geographies. A well-developed software for running all the business operations seamlessly has been a big plus for our business model. Having prolonged relations with top pharmaceutical manufacturers such as Abbott, Alkem, Cadila, Cipla, Dr. Morpen, Elder, Intas, Sun Pharma, and more than 90 companies of branded generic medicines, this vast establishment enables us to provide 500 plus products with an incredible up to 80% discount. With every passing day we are relentlessly working on improving our customer experience initiative, for which we have established Free Medical check-up for our customers i.e. Blood Pressure, Body Temperature, Weight Check-up, free medical advice, and minimal cost Diabetes Check-up, etc with complete hygienic techniques like-. Having this kind of robust business model, our franchise partners are ripping more than expected returns on their capital and patients can regain their health at an affordable cost.


India, having a globally competitive cost base and vast pool of product range of generic medicine we have created an enormous product range of more than 6500 medicines. Genmed has been a torchbearer of generic medicines in India. Due to the cost-effectiveness of these medicines we have customers all across the board from Government Hospitals to Private Hospitals and From Government Doctors to Private Doctors.
(Group wise list of medicines)

Eg: orthopaedics..- Medicine list

Gynaecology – medicine list…etc


With a prolific product range, we are there to serve you with the best Online Offline business model. We have more than 75+ franchise stores spread across the country and with Online Delivery infrastructure in place, we are ready to serve you at every nook and corner of the country.


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Genmed has been the most trusted name in generic medicines in India. Due to the cost-effectiveness of our medicines we have customers all across the board from Government Hospitals to Private Hospitals and From Government Doctors to Private Doctors.

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